My Reptile Brain Plays Piano!

You’ve probably heard of confirmation bias.   Put perhaps a bit too simply, confirmation bias is our tendency to see what we expect to see and conversely miss what we do not expect to see.  If you want the science behind that either The Invisible Gorilla by Chabris and Simons, or Thinking Fast and Slow by Kahnman will serve.  Why is that a thing for Working Human?   Well, it’s a thing for humans and as we pile up the many judgements and decisions that make any given workday, confirmation bias can get us off on the wrong path pretty easily.  

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The Inter-galactic Travel Ban

thumbs Down AlienMaybe it’s been too long since we’ve been out in public, too long since the voices in our heads have had their sharp edges rubbed off in the rubbing of elbows with our fellow unwashed masses.  Here at the offices of WorkingHuman we’ve been wondering about that because of a mild obsession with the intergalactic travel ban.  Yeah, it gets a bit squirrely.

This started with some news blurb on one of the various travel bans between various us’s and them’s.  We’d also been passing the time reading through all kinds of science fiction, technology and cultural evolution, and endlessly trawling the interwebs for something, anything enlightening (yeah, a low probability event, but when all you have is time…).  And then boom!   Fusion!  A convergence of that news blurb and Fermi’s Paradox. Continue reading

Star Culture and the Replacement of Leadership

Circle of MegaphonesIt would seem these days we’re plenty happy to substitute entertainment for real leadership, swapping dramatic performance for the hard work of real change. Things have gotten to the point where there’s a whole sub-discipline of Sociology dedicated to celebrity culture (never use one syllable when many will do).

This shift from substance to fantasy has played out pretty obviously on the US national stage in the last few weeks, but as with any big change, the seeds have been in the soil for a while. It is a change with significant challenges not only for politics, but also for business and interpersonal relationships, really anywhere we humans congregate into organizations. Recognizing this error of substitution, star culture for real leadership, is… well, acknowledging one has a problem is a necessary first step to addressing it. It’s hard to jump to healing before one acknowledges and understands the wound. Continue reading